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About ORT France


ORT France, a Jewish institution of education and training, created in 1921 and recognized as a charity since 1961, is an active member of World ORT. World ORT is a leading NGO for education and vocational training. Represented in more than 100 countries, World ORT has a permanent seat on the European Council as an NGO. In France, more than 500 collaborators (8 centres, Ile de France, East, South, South-East, South-West) devote their skills and professionalism to serve schools, vocational training centres and apprenticeship training centres. ORT schools subscribe to a vision and to the values which respect the historic Jewish identity.

Our Vision

The phrase, “We are proud of the success of our students” means that we are not solely devoted to maximum performance. For us, what is important is that a student receives the qualification he has studied for and passes the examination, not the time it takes him to get it. Whatever the length of the course, it is essential that the student obtain their professional BAC, their general and technological BAC, (BAC = Baccalauréat, taken typically at age 18, at the end of secondary education), their BTS or that they are accepted into one of the major Engineering schools, even if they take a long time to achieve this goal.

Our Values :

An education for life is the common value of all ORT schools worldwide. It has two meanings:
It is both about providing a solid education and training which best integrates the professional world, and also about providing an education for life through the teaching of universal values such as: tolerance, solidarity, fraternity, humanity etc.

Innovation :

ORT is at the forefront of providing training using the latest innovations in techniques and technology (Information Technology, Dental Implants, Optics) and in making the latest technology and equipment available to students (Computers, interactive whiteboards etc.), thereby providing them with a quality education.

Quality Education:

ORT strives to have teachers of great value who hold diplomas recognised by the State (Agrégation , CAP S etc.). In addition, these teachers undertake regular training programs in order to be more effective. Most of these teachers are so attached to the Institution they work for that they don’t even count the time they spend with students outside of their working hours.

Jewish Identity :

ORT respects the fundamentals of Jewish schooling, namely:

  • Its respect of the Jewish calendar
  • its kosher canteens and restaurants
  • its methods of teaching Hebrew
  • its innovative programs of Jewish history and culture.

Living together:

In confirmation of its identity, ORT is a school open to all, which welcomes the exchange of cultures and histories based on the experiences of all. It helps forge strong friendships and fights against prejudice.

The investment of our staff and the educational mission of all stakeholders are fully and actively supported by professionals and public authorities (State, Regions, Departments), by an associative network (Local Committees, Female Committees, Foundations) and by the thousands of companies who commit their annual Apprenticeship Tax to ORT. (This is a French specification that requires companies to pay a tax of 0.5% of the wages of their employees to the school of their choice).